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Autonomous University of Barcelona, Tuition And Admission

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is the English nomenclature of the Spanish based University, – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Spanish language. Popularly referred to as UAB, the University began its history in 1968, and was founded with the aim of establishing four principles of autonomy: Freedom to select teaching staff, available admission for all students (but with a limited number), freedom to create its own study plans and freedom to administrate the University’s capital. And ever since it’s inception UAB has really proven to be one of the Leading and prestigious universities in Spain, open both to citizens and international students.

General Composition

Located in the heart of Barcelona, in Spain, the Autonomous University of Barcelona is known to be a large educational institution, when it comes to composition, and globally pulls an attendance of more than 31 thousand students.

The academic staff comprises of more than 2100 members, cutting accross teachers, researchers, professors and other educational experts and consultants. It’s organisation comes with all the necessary services for the university community that facilities learning process, these includes: residence halls (2,600 places), specialised libraries, a language learning centre, sport facilities (gyms, tennis courts, pools, football pitch), healthcare centre, restaurants, stores and cafés.

UAB’s Ranking Order

Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the prominent universities in Spain, known within and without for it’s high Educational standard.

The institution sits rightfully among the top 5 educational institutions in Spain, with a proven track record of excellence over the years, since it’s inception.

Programs Offered

As an institution of global learning, UAB boasts of a wide variety of programs it offers for her students, of which includes the following amongst many others:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Natural Science
  • Sciences and Management
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Science
  • Economics & Business

With all these facts put together, it isn’t surprising how that the university is considered to be among the best in the quality of education and ranks among the top 200 on a global scale.

The university’s graduates are quite popular among top employers of labour in Spain and the world generally.

Application process and the cost of tuition for different Programs.

Prospective students who wish to make the institution their choice academic destination must provide the information on previous academic performance and past examinations. Exclusively, the requirements and application process differs to some extent, between citizens of Spain and international students.

The UAB offers 81 bachelor’s degrees, covering all areas of knowledge. A bachelor’s degree program at UAB is relatively cheap, total cost for citizens could revolve around 1,107 to 5,103 USD/year.

A Masters degree program for citizens ranges from 1,701 to 17,653 USD/year.
A Doctorate degree for citizens is pegged at 553 USD/year.

As in the case of foreigners, there’s only a slight difference in the total amount for each of the following programs.

Meanwhile there may be some variance in total cost, depending on the choosen field of study. On that note then, students who have shown interest in studying in UAB are advised to visit the school’s official website to get proper details on their choosen field of study.


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is known for its cut out excellence in research and qualitative teaching.

The UAB is tasked with the responsibility of promoting innovation, employability and entrepreneurship amongst her students.

The UAB campus includes 226 research groups, 57 departments and 45 research institutes and centres.

The university actively encourages the global involvement and participation of its students in voluntary activities and community services.


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