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Best Cities To Live In Florida

Retirement travelers have always seen Florida as a favorable destination. But during the past few years, working households have flocked to the state because of the state’s excellent job prospects, affordable cost of living, and lack of a state income tax.

This article should make it simpler for you to locate your ideal neighborhood if you’re seeking for the best places to live in Florida.

By gathering recent information on important lifestyle variables including the median property price, per capita personal income, and the unemployment and crime rates, we were able to examine metro areas.

Best Cities To Live In Florida

1. Miami

Miami is perhaps the most active city in Florida, boasting great beaches, eye-catching architecture, an exciting nightlife, and a sizable presence of Caribbean and Latin American cultures. The city is known for its fashion and art exhibitions.

With more than 6 million citizens, Miami is Florida’s largest metro area, which means there are lots of employment options. The main industries for employment include aviation, finance, international trade, health care, and tourism.

2. Orlando

Due in large part to the fact that it has popular tourist destinations like Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is the most well-known city in central Florida.

However, it serves as more than just a location for business gatherings and visitors. Orlando is one of the greatest cities in Florida for young adults because of the growth of its biotech, IT, and healthcare industries.

Numerous cultural and performing arts events are available to locals as well. When you want a change of scenery, the Atlantic beach towns of Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach are both around an hour away from this metropolis.

3. Jacksonville

Jacksonville is Florida’s largest city by land mass, yet the combined population of its metro region is less than that of Miami or Tampa.

Even though you can live near the Atlantic Ocean and make use of the big city advantages, the cost of living is still rather low.

The three sectors with the most employment opportunities in the seven-county metro area are banking, healthcare, and transportation.

4. Tallahassee

Florida State University and Florida A&M University are located in Tallahassee, the state capital. This city can be a great choice if you want to experience living in a college town, are interested in politics, or wish to live in a less touristy area of the Florida Panhandle because the closest beach is an hour away.

The main industries in this medium-sized metro area for employment are education, health care, and state government.

It is one of the greatest places in Florida for young adults, the area is also offering many tech opportunities thanks to the Innovation Park of Tallahassee technological incubator.

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5. Sarasota

If you wish to reside in a family-friendly seaside town in central Florida with a substantial local working population, think about moving to Sarasota.

The bustling Tampa metro area is 60 miles to the north if you need to visit a big metropolis. For a fast comparison, the greater Tampa metro area has over 3 million people, whereas the greater Sarasota metro area has about 750,000 people.

Jobs in manufacturing, insurance, and the health care industry are available in Sarasota. Lido Key and Siesta Beach are frequently visited by full-time inhabitants.

In addition, Sarasota serves as the hub of Florida’s Cultural Coast, hosting ballet and opera events in addition to two art museums.


Living in Florida is more interesting than you think, because you’ll get to experience a lot of adventures and get a chance to visit lots of interesting fun filled places.

Hope this article was useful!

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