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Best Cyprus Cities and Towns to Visit:Cyprus has some really gorgeous cities. Cyprus is a small island with a rich past. Because of its advantageous location, Cyprus has long been desired by civilizations who have risen to power in the Eastern Mediterranean. People still come here frequently today, but they do so to see the island’s beaches rather than to acquire wealth and status. You’re in for a treat, travelers who are interested in more than just sand and sun. Cyprus is home to several archaeological sites, including beautiful Byzantine churches, monasteries, and museums. With its tremendous diversity of rare animals and flora, Cyprus is also a fantastic spot to go hiking. Cyprus is a small country, so it’s simple to settle in one town and take day trips from there.

Best Cyprus Cities and Towns to Visit


The best city to visit in Cyprus is Nicosia, which is also the capital. Following fighting from the Cyprus Crisis of 1963–1964 that erupted in the city, the Turkis and Greek Cypriot communities of Nicosia divided into the north and south of the city, respectively, in the early months of 1964. This division eventually turned into a militarized border between Nicosia in Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus. The capital of Northern Cyprus now is North Nicosia. Only Turkey, which the international community considers to be occupied Cypriot land, accords it state recognition.

Best Cyprus Cities and Towns to Visit


Between Paphos and Limassol, two of Cyprus’s largest cities, sits Pissouri. Pissouri, with its handful of tavernas and quaint whitewashed cottages, exudes laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere and genuine Cypriot charm. Mass tourism has not yet significantly affected Pissouri. Local farmers and winemakers reside in the terracotta-roofed village of Pissouri. It also has a major plaza that gets plenty of sun, known as Pissouri Square, and frequent events honoring the island’s history. And you’ll be happy to learn that there is a beach as well—a pebble and sand stretch that arcs its way beneath the craggy cliffs of the south coast not far from the town center.

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The Peloponnesian Greeks created Kyrenia, and it is still relatively new after the Trojan wars. One of the top ten most beautiful and historic cities in all of Northern Cyprus is Kyrenia. Tourists now fly between the savory mezze and kebap establishments in this city, people enjoying and admiring the sight of salt-washed kaiki, a traditional fishing boats bobbing out at sea. The city may be found embracing a sparkling blue port on the edge of the untamed Kyrenia mountain range. You cannot overlook the impressive rises of Kyrenia Castle, a strong bastion of Byzantine stone that has made this town such a strategic possession over the years. It dominates the eastern end of the port.


Polis is a charming beach town that attracts mostly domestic tourists with the promise of a leisurely and genuine vacation. Polis is located on the panhandle, where you can enjoy views of the wild and rugged Akamas Peninsula bending towards the northern coast. Small beer bars can be found next to the ubiquitous souvenir vendors in the old town center, which is surrounded by sweeping slopes of dusty coastal rocks and eucalyptus trees. The series of isolated beaches that stretch along the west coast and the intriguing collection of Attic ceramics at the Polis Archaeological Museum are further attractions.

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In Cyprus, Protaras is the destination of choice for visitors. It is similar to the sober side of Ayia Napa, the dream destination for package tourists. In contrast to the Mediterranean Sea’s rich blue colours, the town shimmers and simmers. The Fig Tree Bay, which is the highlight of the beaches, is surrounded by sun loungers, volleyball courts, and the sporadic food stand. The beaches also include softly sloping shorelines. Crystalline swimming pools clear the boardwalk along the shore, bicycles zip by, and cosmopolitan cafés serve mezze with pizza and fries as the major draw. Additionally, diving shops operating out of the town boast about the excellent visibility and kaleidoscope of parrotfish, shipwrecks, and corals below the surface.



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