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Look no further if you’re looking for the best and most affordable locations to visit and explore while you’re still young.

These international locations are ideal for the young without going over budget.

Cheapest Places To Travel When Young

Cheapest Places To Travel When Young

Below are places you should consider when you want to travel:

1. Kos, Greece

Greece is already underrated as one of the best locations to visit on a low budget because the majority of visitors only go to Athens.

I would, however, strongly suggest visiting the island of Kos. There are lots of outdoor activities to do in this picturesque paradise, and hotels typically cost approximately $35 per night.

One of the nations with the biggest historical significance is Greece. Greece has contributed a lot to the globe, including in the fields of government, science, and literature. And while you’re still young and on a tight budget, you can take in some of that history or relax on Kos’ beautiful beaches!

2. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Most young people who want to tour the world today won’t have any trouble beginning their trip in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh is a fantastic place to visit because it is conveniently situated between the many different locations in the nation.

It combines expansive city streets, access to nature, and historical and cultural attractions.
For those trying to pique the attention of a diverse group of friends in a trip, this city offers the ideal combination. The city’s affordability is its best feature; everything is moderately to deeply discounted.

3. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is an excellent city to visit if you want a flavor of Europe without paying European rates, even though it might not be the cheapest place on this list.

There are many free things to see and do, motels and other lodging are simple to locate for between $25 and $40 per night, and food is inexpensive.

While Prague isn’t particularly pricey (and there is plenty of art, history, castles, and other sights to see and explore there), it does have a similar feel to it.

4. Kathmandu, Nepal

The Himalayan nation of Nepal is a fascinating location that is well within your trip budget. The capital city, Kathmandu, is a sight to behold.

With its culture visibly extending through the terraced hills in the vicinity, it has particularly distinctive architecture.
A quality hotel is unlikely to cost more than one figure, and many hotels are less than ten dollars. This location is quite alluring if you have a very limited budget.

You can choose to spend more for your accommodations, but doing so won’t be necessary for budget travel.

5. San Blas, Panama

The large city in Panama opposite the coast where Panama City is located. Even while some people might prefer the latter to San Blas, the main city frequently unfairly casts a shadow on these islands.

The several islands off the city’s coast are stunning palm-tree-filled oasis in the middle of glistening water.

The city frequently evokes the feeling of a real-life postcard, and it is incredibly affordable, with many charming oceanfront rooms costing only $40 to $63 and rarely more than $100. Perfect for any young individual seeking the most affordable trip destinations.


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