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Easy Steps On How To Apply For Numerical Acumen Challenge

What Exactly is Numerical Acumen?

Numerical Acumen teaches students the fundamentals of a numerical mindset by giving them the practice they need to master vital mental calculation processes.

Numerical Acumen assists you in developing the mechanical fundamentals of a numerical intellect in each of your students.

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It was designed as a pleasurable daily classroom activity.

Benefits of Numerical Acumen

  • Improve their recollection of basic numerical concepts and other mathematical facts.
  • Improve their accuracy when calculating using their brain.
  • Increase their speed while utilizing their brain as a calculator.
  • Enhance their understanding of when and when not to use an electronic calculator.
  • Numerical acumen assists students in developing the mathematical fundamentals of a numerical mind through paper based instructions and online instructions.

Methods of Numerical Acumen

Numerical acumen is available in the following ways:

  • Online learning, practice, and evaluation.

Numerical Acumen’s game-based practice and evaluation setting is available to students 24/7.

Students’ progress is tracked and shown on simple graphs.

“An endurance race, not a sprint”, is what numerical acumen is.

It is a program designed for students at various stages of development.

  • Paper based learning, practice, and evaluation.

For each unit, booklets with instructions, practice sheets, and an assessment are supplied.

The instructor simply distributes the materials, and the learning process starts.

It is not too late to learn the necessary intellectual skills provided.

The Numerical Acumen Challenge

Every student at all year levels is challenged by the Potts-Baker Institute at Prince Alfred College to acquire mental calculation techniques.

Due to the fact that it takes time to perfect mental calculation techniques, challenges are long-term and spread out over a number of months.

Although four difficulty levels are available, several students will find that focusing on one difficulty level in a challenge is an adequate challenge.

Ongoing Challenges

  • The numerical acumen second semester challenge A 2022
  • The numerical acumen second semester challenge B 2022

Deadline: The challenge will begin from August 8 and end on November 11, 2022.

Playing Instructions

  • The game may be played at one of the four different levels of difficulty.
  • Each game features several stages.
  • Each stage has a predetermined aim, which includes:

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  1. A certain number of questions that must be correctly answered.
  2. A time frame for answering the questions.
  • You get rewarded for completing each stage.
  1. A Blue Orb is issued if the stage target is accomplished.
  2. A Gold Star is granted if all questions are accurately answered.
  • Each game grants three lives. Failure to complete a stage culminates in the loss of a life.
  • Your progress is tracked across all games played between the Challenge’s inception and completion dates.

How to Apply for the Challenge

All that is required to participate in the challenge is a numerical acumen account.

1. If you have an existing account:

  • Simply sign in, then select Challenge.

2. If you are a student without an account:

  • Request your instructor’s Numerical Acumen Teacher Code.
  • To open a free account, visit the Join Now page and input the Teacher Code.


  • Create a student account on the Join Now section.

3. If you do not currently have an account as a teacher:

  • Check whether your institution is qualified for free Numerical Acumen access. Go to CasioEd.


  • You may be qualified for an offer that is associated with a certain challenge. Such offers can be found in the ongoing challenges section.


  • Create a teacher account on the Join Now column.


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