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How Many Jobs Are Available In Packaged Foods For 2022?

You may be surprised to discover that the packaged foods industry provides a significant number of job opportunities.

If you are looking to further your career or just to make some extra cash, this is an excellent career path to seek employment opportunities. In the packaged foods industry, there are approximately 30,000 job openings now available.

It is one of the sectors that has a very low unemployment rate and a very large number of job openings available.

The production of packaged foods remains an appealing sector of the economy on account of the comparatively cheap fixed costs and little labour component that it entails.

The sector is expected to expand more as the worldwide middle class expands and consumers continue to buy value-added convenience foods.

The sector has one of the highest yearly salaries on average in the United States. The typical salary for someone working in this industry is around $59,946 per year.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Packaged Foods?

Some of the jobs available in packaged foods industry are listed below.

1. Quality Control Specialist

Quality control specialists are in charge of ensuring that raw materials are processed correctly before they are supplied to shops.

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They guarantee that the appropriate quantity of ingredients is utilized and that the food satisfies the company’s standards.

2. Production Supervisor

Production supervisors are in control of the manufacturing operations. They are also in charge of overseeing the production workers.

3. Consumer Behaviour Analyst

Consumer behaviour analysts undertake market research to learn why a certain product is in high demand. They also research on how consumers react when they purchase the product.

They basically assist the industry in increasing its sales.

4. Packaging Technician

Packaging technicians are in charge of preparing goods for delivery.

They collaborate closely with the manufacturing team to ensure that the product is properly and securely packaged for transportation and distribution.

5. Food Inspector

Food inspectors utilize their nutrition and ingredient expertise to verify whether packaged food is safe to consume. Products may be tested for dangerous levels of bacteria, chemicals, or pollutants.

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The inspector searches for mildew, filth, insects, and other foreign particles while evaluating the food. The food inspector also looks at the food’s temperature, how clean the surfaces are, and how effectively the food is kept.

6. Refrigeration Engineer

Refrigeration engineers design, install and maintain the company’s cooling systems. Refrigeration engineers can choose to focus on either mechanical ventilation or air conditioning.

They use their engineering fundamentals expertise to create creative designs for air conditioning systems and mechanical ventilation equipment.

7. Flavourist

The duty of a flavourist is to generate diverse aromas and tastes in order to make a product attractive to customers.

Flavorists work at restaurants, bakeries, candy firms, ice cream shops, and a variety of other food preparation and packaging establishments.

8. Food Scientist

Food scientists examine the chemical makeup of foods, their nutritional worth, and how they interact with human bodies. They perform food nutrition and safety studies.

They put recipes to the test, examine ingredients, and create new products. They also construct packaging, labels, and food descriptions.

9. Refrigeration Technician

Refrigeration technicians are craftsmen in charge of the company’s refrigeration system maintenance and repair.

A refrigeration technician collaborates with a refrigeration engineer to evaluate issues and offer solutions in order to guarantee appropriate operating and safety requirements.

Refrigeration technicians also evaluate and repair these systems on a regular basis to ensure their performance and avoid damage.

10. Food Safety Manager

Food safety managers are in charge of ensuring that packaged food is safe and nutritious to consume. They examine buildings and equipment to ensure they fulfil sanitary standards.

They also keep track of and regulate the food’s temperature.


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