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How To Study In Canada Without IELTS

To start with, what is IELTS, and how does it affect international studies? How crucial is it really needed in overseas study? All these and other related questions we will cover in the course of this article. Do stick around closely.

What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally accepted and standardized language assessment exam deployed by universities in the UK, US, Australia and other English speaking countries to assess the language skills of prospective international students, applying for international studies in their institutions of higher Learning.

This assessment test covers four major sections, namely;

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening and
  4. Speaking

After a thorough assessment in all 4 sections, for a duration likely spanning three hours, students will obtain a carefully worked out overall score from all 4 sections, for all of their fundamental English language abilities.

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Meanwhile, besides IELTS, potential or aspiring students can also lay their hands on other English proficiency test scores like, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, etc, to meet their admission and visa procedures.

However amongst all these language proficiency exams, IELTS stands out with a global and widespread recognition accepted by major English-speaking countries especially, the USA, UK, and Australia.

On that note then, IELTS is the most preferred method for testing international students.

Exams like this are used to assess your English language abilities in English-speaking nations, in this case Canada being the case study.

Does that then mean, I must take the IELTS before I can be admitted into a college in Canada? No ! You necessarily may not need IELTS to study in Canada. Here is how to school in Canada without IELTS.

How To Study In Canada Without IELTS

For students who can’t provide IELTS scores while applying for admissions into Canadian universities, there are quite a few options to try out, to see that they still study in Canada.

Here are alternative routes prescribed by universities, you can try out should you be planning to study in Canada without IELTS:

  • You can substitute IELTS for other English Proficiency tests like TOEFL(Test of English as Foreign Language), DET (Duolingo English Test), CAEL Assessment (Canadian assessment English language), PTE (Pearson English Language Test) etc, depending on the demand of your preferred institute of higher learning.
  • If you have studied in any English medium school for at least 4 years, you can provide proofs as the replacement for English proficiency scores.
  • It gets interesting if you are a candidate from an English speaking country, technically you are exempted from providing IELTS scores in Canada.
  • Not all schools need IELTS as a basic requirements for procession of one’s admission or visa into their schools, so attention should be on identifying these schools and then applying for a learning experience with them. Scattered all over Canada, these schools all exist, but to spare you the extra trouble of trying to search them out, we decided to do a comprehensive list of these institutions in Canada, that can accept your application without IELTS.

Take a glance;

  1. University of Winnipeg
  2. Brock University
  3. University of Saskatchewan
  4. Memorial University of
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador
  6. Cambrian University
  7. Okanagan College
  8. Concordia University
  9. Seneca College
  10. Carleton University
  11. Algoma University
  12. Brandon University
  13. University of Guelph
  14. McGill University

Please Note:

For each of these colleges of higher learning listed above, the actual course requirements and substitutes for IELTS might differ as relates the course of study and the university.

Prospective students are hereby advised to visit the university’s official website to know more about it’s language proficiency requirements in detail.


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