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Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Ottawa (NA Meeting Ottawa)

What Exactly is Narcotics Anonymous? (NA Meeting Ottawa)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a community-based, global, charitable organization for recovering addicts.

Participants of Narcotics Anonymous share their experiences with drugs and provide each other support as they work to overcome their addictions.

It is also a community-based program for people who are recovering from drug addiction or who want to stop using drugs.

In NA, members provide one another with guidance concerning how to live a drug-free lifestyle and recover from the impacts of drug addiction.

Can I Join Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is open to everyone who wants to eliminate their addictions and welcomes new members at any moment.

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There are no restrictions placed on the kind of addicts who want to become members.

The issue of addiction itself is the primary focus of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous; individual drugs are not emphasized.

About Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

The name, Narcotics Anonymous, is not intended to indicate a concentration on any one drug. Narcotics Anonymous’ perspective to narcotics, including alcohol, is agnostic.

Membership is completely free, and there are no partnerships with any organization other than NA, such as government, religion, law enforcement agencies, or psychiatric and medical associations.

Narcotics Anonymous is a community-based organization that operates on a global scale and has members who speak a variety of languages and come from different cultural backgrounds.

NA was established in 1953, and membership progression was slow during the first 20 years of the organization.

The number of participants and meetings has risen exponentially ever since publication of the Basic Text in 1983.

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However, almost 76,000 meetings are held each week across 143 countries by members of the organization.

Narcotics Anonymous originated in the early 1950s in the Los Angeles area of California, USA, and was modeled after the Alcoholics Anonymous Program in the late 1940s.

The NA initiative began as a small American movement and has since grown to become one of the world’s oldest and biggest organizations of its kind.

It is now widely known across the United states, New Zealand, Western Europe and Australia.

There are presently 49 language translations of NA literature and pamphlets.

Their phone number is 613-862-2433 and their toll-free number is 1-888-811-3887.

There is no set schedule for office hours.

Meetings are held both virtually/online and in-person.

Each group holds a minimum of one weekly meeting on the same day and time.

Visit http://www.ottawana.org/ for information on meeting times and locations.

Narcotics Anonymous Goal

They hope that one day, as a result of all the service effort they do and the collaboration they do with others who are trying to assist addicts, there will come a time when every addict in the globe will have the chance to experience our message of recovery in his or her own language and within the context of their own culture.

Mode of Recovery

They focus on helping people get over their addictions by using a 12 step strategy that requires regular group meetings.

The group setting provides addicts with peer support and a continuous network of support for those that want to live a drug-free life.


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