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Man strives to make his life successful by meeting his various needs. He engages in a variety of activities to achieve this goal. These are known as business activities.

What is Primary Occupation?

Primary occupations are those that rely on natural resources. The principal occupations include hunting, food grain collection, forest production collection, animal husbandry, fisheries, farming, mining, etc.

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Mechanization has begun in primary vocations to satisfy the needs of an increasing population and to replace manpower with machines.

List of Primary Occupation in Hindi

1. Farming

From the standpoint of human survival, farming is very important. This occupation meets the whole human population’s food needs. Aside from that, farming provides raw materials to other sectors.

There are several kinds of farming based on land size, farming technique, crops, agricultural purpose, etc.

  1. Intensive farming
  2. Extensive Farming
  3. Irrigated Farming

2. Animal Husbandry

Some Indian tribes make a living mostly through animal husbandry. Cattle raising is done commercially in temperate grassland regions across the globe, such as the Prairies in North America, the Pampas in South America, the Weld in South Africa, and the Downs in Australia.

This results in an abundance of milk, dairy products, and meat, as well as a rise in national income.

Animals are employed for transporting commodities, agriculture, and other tasks.

3. Fisheries

Fish provides humans with food, oil, manure, medicines, and other products. Science and technology have made significant advances in this industry recently.

The availability of mechanized vessels and nylon nets has enhanced fish production.

This industry has grown significantly as a result of advancements in satellite exploration of fish habitats, rapid transit facilities, cold storage, danger forecasting, and fish product processing, among others.

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There are two sorts of fish farming: saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

Saltwater fish farming operates in coastal and open ocean regions. This fish business operates on a commercial basis.

Large amounts of fish are caught for both local markets and export. The state of Maharashtra is India’s leader in the marine fisheries business.

Freshwater fishing operates in rivers, ponds, and lakes, among other water bodies. In India, the state of West Bengal has a dominant position in this particular sector of the fishery sector.

This fish farming is often of a local nature. Nowadays, fish are cultivated artificially using fish seeds. This is known as fish farming.

4. Mining

This industry is reliant on mineral resources. The earth contains a variety of metallic and nonmetallic minerals, but their distribution is not uniform.

Minerals are concentrated in certain locations. It is advantageous to establish a mining firm in areas where such materials are abundant.

That is why this kind of company is known as a localized business. Iron ore deposits are abundant in the states of Jharkhand and Goa. As a result, the mining industry has centralized there.

This sector has started expanding as a result of mechanization. There are drillers, crushers, cranes, and elevators.

Because of the availability of electricity and ventilation to mining depths, the severity of accidents has decreased.

Despite this, mishaps such as the collapse of a roof or the intrusion of groundwater into mines sometimes occur. Because of this, the sector is believed to be one that is prone to accidents.



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