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Scholarship for Student in France 2022/23

If you are a student in France who is interested in studying abroad at no cost, you should be aware of the many foreign scholarships that are both free and accessible in other parts of the globe.

Indeed, travelling to study abroad without having to pay any registration costs or tuition fees is the dream of thousands of French students and those who have already earned their French baccalaureate.

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Explore all of the latest and greatest Scholarship opportunities available to French students at the most prestigious institutions in the world for the academic year 2022/23.

ENS International Selection Scholarships

Brief Summary About the Scholarship

An annual international selection is held by the École Normale Supérieure (ENS), which gives the opportunity to the university’s most talented foreign students to pursue a Master of Science degree or a Master of Arts and Humanities degree at the university.

Students are accepted into the Ecole normale supérieure with the intention of enrolling them in the third year of their bachelor’s degree (known as “licence 3”) or the first year of their master’s degree (known as “master 1”) These students come from all over the world and come from a variety of academic fields.

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The international competitive examination is designed for recent college graduates in the arts and humanities as well as the sciences who have completed at least one year of their undergraduate education at an institution located outside of their home country and who have distinguished themselves academically.

Host Institution

École Normale Supérieure in Paris, France.


7th December, 2022.

The class will begin in September, 2023.

Degree/Field(s) of Study

Master’s Degree in either the Arts and Humanities or the Sciences, obtained from ENS (or from one of ENS’ partner universities).

Number of Available Scholarships

10 openings in the field of science, and 10 openings in the field of arts and humanities.

Target audience

Students from other countries.

Scholarship Worth and Duration

A stipend of one thousand euros per month over the course of three years, together with housing on one of the campuses of the ENS.

Eligibility for ENS International Selection Scholarships

  1. Applicants must be less than 26 years old when they submit their applications.
  2. Prior participation in the International Selection process is not permitted for candidates in any capacity.
  3. Applicants must not have resided in France for longer than 10 months during the academic year of the selection (1 September – 31 August) or the preceding academic year.
  4. Applicants are required to demonstrate that they have completed at least one year of their undergraduate studies at a university located outside of France within the calendar year prior to the beginning of the application process.
  5. Applicants must demonstrate that they have completed at least two years of undergraduate education at a university located outside of France before the first of September after their acceptance.

N/B: The director of ENS has the authority to make an exception and approve the application of a candidate whose academic background was obtained outside of France and is not typical.

Instructions for Submitting an Application

The application period will begin on October 11, 2022.

For the Session 2023, the application form and supporting documentation need to be uploaded to the website by the specified date in December 2022 (TBA) (Sciences) or 11 December 2022 (Arts & Humanities).

It is essential that you go to the official website http://www.ens.fr/en/academics/admissions/international-selection in order to have access to the application form and obtain specific information on how to apply for this scholarship.


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