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Top 19 Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada

Canada as a country is well known all over the world for her immense contributions towards improving the chances of individuals getting access to quality education.

That explains why numerous free funded scholarships exist in Canada. Everyone then looking to excel academically should look up to Canada as she is graced with numerous academic bodies that will satisfy your quest for a glorious and memorable education experience.

Briefly, let’s divert a little to talk about the anatomy of Scholarship opportunities in Canada.

The educational system in Canada is top notch when it comes to the academic sector. They have well oriented and versatile knowledge when it comes to different fields of study. The facilities in their institutions are standard which have promoted the level of their educational system, and resulted in them been ranked among the first five countries in the world that have good quality education.

There are different scholarships in Canada for international students spanning from bachelor’s degree level up to doctorate degree depending on your choice.

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However true, and how standard their Educational system is, there are processes that international students must follow to be part of or enjoy these scholarships in Canada. Most students haven’t benefited from these scholarships, due to negligence in following the laid down rules or principles. Another key factor to be considered when applying for these online scholarships is to be fully intimated about the deadline date, so as to always be in time for the registration online.

Reasons To Obtain Scholarships In Canada

Up to this point, we have discussed about Canada Possessing well-structured educational systems that enhance and improve student’s performance tremendously. Meanwhile, there are still more reasons you need to apply for scholarships in Canada, take a look:

Bilingual Practices Of Two Major Languages:

Foreign students from both anglophone and francophone countries are applying for scholarships in Canada, because of their expressiveness Speaking two major languages, hence anyone from both language sides, will not feel odd.

English and French Languages are the two major languages that are spoken in Canada. International students who are from one of these countries that speak either of the Languages can cope with the learning process in Canada.

Their Eco-friendly Culture:

Canada is a country with an accommodating environment where the citizens are jovial and friendly to be with. Foreign students feel at home Studying in such friendly environment where they can study with peace of mind. This is why studying in Canada is suitable for international students.

Different universities:

There are approximately 96 universities in Canada. This shows how much Importance they have placed on education as part of their priorities in their country. Out of these 96 institutions of higher learning, 26 of them ranks amongst the top universities in the world. What an impressive feat for a Nation as Canada. These institutions are for both her citizens and international students.

Well-Articulated and developed courses:

Canada offers a wide variety of Courses, that students are set at Liberty to choose whichever catches their interest. Most countries, have limited number of courses offered by their institutions due to one reason or the other, but that’s not the case for Canada, who have their Educational Curriculum enriched with a versatile number of courses, to accommodate the interest of everybody.

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These courses range from media journalism, information technology, business management, agricultural science, and many more open to students.

Free Medical Attention:

Learning can also come with its downsides, so provisions should be made to cover for times of ill health. In Canada, health insurance for international students is free. Should cases of poor health arise, care of the bills in terms of drugs, injections, and other medical treatments, are well taken care of by the Government.

Reduced Cost of living:

The cost of living in Canada varies with location, in strategic towns like Toronto or Ottawa, it’s quite on the high side, than when compared to the outskirts of Town. Nonetheless, cost of Living in Canada, is relatively lower when compared to other Countries of the world. The government of the day has been able to make life for international students so simple while studying in Canada. Students who are under scholarships can also still get good jobs during semester breaks to cater for themselves.

Requirements for Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Going to Canada to study requires an individual some of these basic things amongst other things as well, they are:

  1. Language proficiency
  2. Educational transcripts
  3. Financial accounts
  4. Medical records

Now we have uncovered the reasons and requirements for obtaining scholarships in Canada for international students. Let’s take a deeper dive into the nitty gritty of this article.

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students

The following are the various scholarships international students can apply for:

1. Canada Visa Study Hub Scholarships:

Students get this scholarship through random selection, and it is done online. This scholarship program is available for international students who want to have an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Canada.

The Canada visa study hub hands students the opportunity to earn themselves a whooping sum of $500 each monthly to cater for their education expenses.

2. Canadian Graduate Scholarships:

This scholarship is open to students who wish to pursue their academic dreams up to master’s degree. From any country of the World, students can apply for this scholarship.

This scholarship opportunity covers widely accepted courses such as humanities, natural science, engineering, health sciences, social sciences, and others. The application process for entry is through the school online portal.

3. Ontario Graduate Scholarships:

This scholarship program covers Students who have already gotten a first degree in their countries of origin and want to go for a postgraduate degree. Ontario graduate scholarships students of getting their master’s degrees with ease.

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The price for Scholarship is between $10,000 and $15,000. This money is adequate for any international student who is not financially stable.

4. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship:

Students who have obtained their first degree ready from any country can study here. It is one of the scholarships in Canada for international students, concerned with postgraduate studies such as masters and Ph.D. degrees.

They have numerous faculties where international students can choose a wide range of courses to study apart from business faculty.

5. MasterCard Foundation Scholarships:

This scholarship has been around for over a good number of ten years in which several students have benefited from it. This scholarship is a close partnership between McGill University and MasterCard for African students.

It is strictly an undergraduate Scholarship Program, for students from African who desire to obtain a bachelor’s degree from any undergraduate courses. The deadline for this application usually comes December/January of every year.

6. International Leader of Tomorrow Undergraduate Scholarships:

The major aim of this scholarship award is to appreciate students who have performed well in terms of their academics, skills, and other community services. They are appreciated based on how they have excelled in their various areas of concentration.

The major coverage of these fields includes sports, creative writing, examinations, and others. The annual deadline for this scholarship is usually December.

7. University of Alberta Undergraduate Scholarships:

This scholarship program is offered by the University of Alberta in Canada for international students. Registration can be done through the University’s portal.

Meanwhile the Alberta undergraduate scholarships come after the international student has obtained an admission letter into the institution. The deadline for the scholarship is usually March and December.

8. ACI Foundation Scholarship:

The ACI foundation scholarship is  awarded by an institution in Canada to help international students with their academic expenses. Their major concern is in the field of designs such as material, construction, etc.

They award international students every year with scholarships and the annual deadline for the scholarship comes Midway October.

9. University of British Columbia Doctoral Scholarship:

Talking about one of the leading Institutions of higher learning in Canada, awarding scholarships, to international students, this academic body happens to be one of them. All over the states, this is a well-known scholarship program given to students  running their Ph.D.

This scholarship program has its terms and conditions for an international student to enroll for it. This doctoral scholarship is open to students who must have been a candidate of the school for two years.

10. Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship:

This scholarship was founded to attract international recognition as well as targeted in rebranding Canada as a country with excellence in getting higher learning and research. Students with high proficient leadership skills and good academic achievements in the following courses: social science, natural science, humanities, etc, are open to apply for this scholarship.

11. Humber College International Student Scholarship:

This is part of the scholarships in Canada for International Students that allows a good number of  students the opportunity to study in Humber college, as well as apply for this scholarship to get access to various scholarships available such as entrance scholarships, Bachelor’s degree scholarships, and tuition renewable scholarships.

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Deadlines for this scholarship comes between February, May, and October.

12. The Katona Scholarship:

The Katona Scholarship empowers students to cater for themselves, and meet their academic expenses by giving them tuition fees to sort out their academic fees every year.

It is available for all levels of study, and covers degrees such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. International students are awarded the sum of DKK 10,000.

13. Dalhousie University Scholarships:

Dalhousie University is an institution in Canada, that disburses scholarships awards, of more than $5 million annually. The money for the scholarship is then being awarded by the school registrar.

There are several sets of students that can apply for Dalhousie university scholarships such as high school applicants, recent undergraduates, students studying agriculture, graduate, and professional studies.

14. Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students:

This institution is sponsored by Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver, with different types of scholarships that are provided by this university to international students based on academic merits.

Basically,  they run 3 different semesters round the year, with their deadlines, of which includes the full semester, running from July 1, the spring semester running from December 1, and then the summer semester running from May 1.

15. Queen’s University International Scholarships:

This is an international scholarship from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. The awards that are issued  from this institution covers foreign students from the US, Pakistan, and India.

Several aids  such as the queen’s financial aid, Government student aid, and many more are being offered to International Students, to ease off the burden of education expenses on their shoulders.

16. Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program:

As the name implies, it’s target end receivers, are Students from French speaking countries round the world. It is partial funding for masters and doctorate degrees. International students from so many francophone countries have been applying for this Canadian francophone scholarship program, and round the clock, they have not failed to deliver.

17. Global Sustainable Electricity Partnerships Scholarships:

This is an institution in Canada targeted at making available scholarship opportunities for students who are from developing countries. It is a partial funding type of scholarship geared at sustainable energy development.

Students who desire a master’s degree program can consider these global sustainable electricity partnerships scholarships.

18. Frank J. Ritcher Scholarships:

This scholarship program is a partial kind of funding from the Canadian government. This scholarship has been open for every international student who wants an undergraduate or Master’s degree.

They offer numerous courses in this institution, and they are open to different international students who Want to be awarded this scholarship.

19. Eni Sub-Saharan Scholarships:

This scholarship program been made available for countries in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa such as Togo, Cameroon, Ghana, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Cote’d voir, etc. This scholarship covers different expenses students would bother themselves with, such as lodging fees, tuition fees, travel, and miscellaneous expenses.

The good thing about this scholarship is that, the more an international student performs academic wise, the more benefits he stands to get as the scholarship Opportunity keeps on increasing.


Canada has made available Series of Scholarship schemes for students from all works of life. The only task awaiting aspiring Students is to meet with the criterias and requirements as outlined by the School, of which we have listed a few of them in the preceding sections of this Article, review them and be part of the ongoing Scholarship opportunities.


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