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Top Paying Jobs in Cyprus: The highest paying positions in Cyprus are listed in this article. It also gives a succinct explanation of these jobs and their pay. Do you intend to relocate to Cyprus? You’re in for a treat, then! Cyprus has become the top choice for many multinational corporations looking for an EU base for their operations since entering the EU in 2004, and the country’s employment has been rising rapidly in recent years.
The nation’s working class receives fantastic perks, and its economy is also very strong. Do you intend to move? or only looking for work? We’ve listed the top 5 paying occupations in Cyprus today.

Top Paying Jobs in Cyprus

Top Paying Jobs in Cyprus

National Sales Managers ($250,000 Yearly)

Business executives that oversee regional sales teams for their company are known as national sales managers. They recruit, educate, and set definite objectives for their consumers and geographical areas. Across the nation, sales managers lead teams, create sales plans, examine data, and contrast projected and actual sales. Sales managers across the nation are frequently in charge of overseeing each office because many large organizations have offices with their own sales staff scattered around the nation.

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Supply Chain Director ($198,300 Yearly)

The supply chain director aids a corporation in creating the administrative framework required to maintain the supply chain operating efficiently. Leaders in this field must get in touch with distributors and vendors so that their companies can receive and send their products.
The flow of goods and services from the supplier to the customer is under the control of the supply chain director. They make sure that the goods are affordable, arrive on schedule, and are in good condition.
The supply chain director may also be in charge of negotiating contracts, managing supplier relationships, and making sure industry rules are followed.

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Chief Risk Officer ($118,000 Yearly)

The Chief Risk Officer is a C Suite executive whose responsibility it is to locate, assess, and reduce any threats to the organization. Both internal and external threats are possible. The job of the chief risk officer is to check for various dangers.
Technical risk, regulatory risk, and competitive risk are the three categories into which these dangers might be subdivided. The CRO must also supervise actions that carry a risk.
They ensure that your company adheres to the policies and guidelines established by the organization. Their responsibility is to pinpoint several factors that can adversely affect the operation of the firm.

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Pharmacist ($123,000 Yearly)

A pharmacist is a medical expert who focuses on the effective use, handling, and distribution of medications. They can instruct patients on how to take medications and warn them of any potential negative effects.
They fill out doctor’s and other medical experts’ prescriptions. Pharmacists work on testing and developing new medications as well.
The majority of pharmacists are employed by drug shops, supermarkets, independent pharmacies, hospitals, mail-order pharmacies, big-box retailers, and other healthcare facilities.
Not only to make sure the patient can take the medication, but also to respond to inquiries from the patient and other medical professionals regarding how specific medications interact with one another or how they impact the body.

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Project Director ($105,000 Yearly)

The overall success of the construction project is the project manager’s responsibility. Ensure that the team is coordinated by the project manager and that the task is completed on schedule and to a high standard. The management of risk strategically, control of the budget, and timely start and end of each work phase are all responsibilities of project directors.

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