Complete Dennis Idahosa Biography: Age, Education, Career, Political Offices, Wife and Net Worth

Dennis Idahosa, has in countless times and in diverse manners proven to be a source of Inspiration, Hope and Motivation to so many lives. An answer to prayers you may say, but that’s surely what the young and active political philanthropist represents.

As a top ranking figure in the business world, and from his early days in the corridors of power, thousands have benefited from his ever benevolent and outstretched arms of love, that has come through empowerment schemes, and other expressions of love.

His life is one that epitomizes the character of a true leader. Records has it that, during his tenure as commissioner in his state, he donated his salary to his constituency, facilitated youth employment opportunities, and spear headed a campaign against drug abuse and cultism.

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These and many more are notable feats accomplished and attained by Dennis Idahosa, during his spell in various political offices.

As a leader and businessman, his influence speaks volume of the indelible mark his life has left in his community and all those who have in one way or the under, come under his sphere. Dennis Idahosa embodys the values of resilience, integrity, and responsibility in service.

In the subsequent lines of this article, we would love to lead you into the world of this widely acclaimed political enthusiast and business mogul with a large and magnanimous heart. Ready, then let’s jump straight into it.

Background Life and Education

The man, Dennis Idahosa, traces his roots from Iguobazuwa, Ovia South West Local Government Area, in Edo State, Nigeria. His primary and secondary education kickstarted right there in Ovia L.G.A.

However, his tertiary education saw him flying beyond the borders of Nigeria in 1998, to Canada where he further pursued his academic career in sociology.

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Having bagged a degree in sociology, the foundation was set already, and so it isn’t so surprising seeing him so committed to community growth and development, in all of the positions he has chaired.

Political Career

As earlier stated, Dennis Idahosa has enlivened the corridors of power in this country. As an active member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Dennis Idahosa served as the commissioner for investment, public and private partnership in Edo state, under the administration of the then seated governor, Adams Oshimole.

As was his custom, the deep seated passion in him to reach out to so many lives positively spurred him to be more dedicated and committed to serving better.

Advancing further in 2019, he contested for the House of representatives under APC, and victorious he emerged. Currently, Dennis Idahosa, serves as the Chairman of the House Committee on Healthcare Services, which has ever since provided him a platform to do what he does best – leading the line in healthcare and societal development initiatives.

Business Life and investments

While in Canada, Idahosa gained some key insights in real estates and other key entrepreneurship outlets. He showed how versatile and well intentioned he was in the Business world on the establishment of His Company Eagle Denco Company Limited, that specialises so much on Construction, Mining and real estates.

Marital status

Is the political philanthropist married ? If that is your question, then you have a yes as the answer. He is happily married, and blessed with 3 lovely kids.

His family life depicts how well he is able to manage, his multiple engagements in society and also the immediate needs of those closest to him.

How old is Dennis Idahosa?

As earlier stated, Dennis Idahosa was born on 8 November, 1980. On that note then, he is currently 44 years old.

What is Dennis Idahosa’s Networth?

Having established himself in the business world, and the political space, it’s no news then, that his networth should be tilting towards billions of naira.

As at the time of publishing this article, Dennis Idahosa’s networth is estimated to be $200,000.

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