7 Fashion Mistakes You Need to Stop Immediately as a Guy

Whether you believe it or not, your dress sense will either boost or deflate your confidence one way or the other.

If you doubt me, walk up to that beautiful lady you have long admired, dressed in the most shaggy and awkward manner, and see if you can be able to sustain a five minutes conversation with her without being probed in your heart for being so foolish, and unpresentable.

The sincere truth is that people will first accept your dressing first and foremost before they can let down a little on their guard to accept you in person.

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If appearance is this all important, it must then be treated with every sense of urgency and attention. However some guys care less about it, they wouldn’t just give a damn, anything goes, provided they feel it looks alright, off they go.

The aim of this article is to open your eyes as a guy to mistakes that abound around you, and offer you a quick fix, on how to look fashionable and sensible, without upsetting the rules. Ready? Let’s get down to this.

7 Fashion Mistakes You Need to Stop Immediately as a Guy

There are quite a good number of these mistakes everywhere, but we’d just take a few of them.
They are as follows;

1. Desparity in Colours Among your Clothing and Outfit

Colour combination happens to be some essential skill so many people don’t know or choose not to pay attention to. As a guy, your shirts, trousers, belts, shoes, wrist watch and other accessories ought to compliment one another and not conflict one another, colour wise.

Some tops wouldn’t just sit well on every trouser or shoe. A basic knowledge of colours should bail you out here.

2. Baggy and Unfitting Clothes

The beauty of clothes is revealed when fitted to the perfect body portrait. However, on the event of being too baggy and blown up, something is definitely wrong.

Your clothes should give you that required body fitting and style. Why should you be lost inside your shirts or trousers ???

3. Wrong Trouser, Shirt, and Tie lengths

Trousers puddling and almost sweeping the floor, is not sensible to follow as a fashion trend.

On the reverse, it shouldn’t also be so short, that it hangs at a length above your shoes, (jump up).The proper way to go about this is to keep your trouser lengths fitted to your ankle, hanging a little above your shoes.

As for shirts, especially long sleeves, they mustn’t cover the entire arm past the wrist. There should be a space for the wrist watch to sit firmly.

The tie should be knot in such a way, it’s tip touches the head of your belts, and not below it or above it.

4. Buttoning up everything

Gather round guys, your suit or jacket has protocols guiding how it is worn, yes you heard that right.

One of such guiding rules is leaving at least one of your jacket buttons unfastened. Sounds funny right, but that’s the truth.

Maybe fasten the first two, leave the third, or fasten the middle button, and leave the others. But the rule of thumb here, is to always leave the last one, unfastened.
Once, you appear in this format, you are viewed enlightened in the eye of the public.

Truth is this culture or tradition has been known to exist long enough and has been accepted by all.

5. Rumpled clothes

Rumpled clothes - Jftan.com


As a guy, keep your clothes well pressed and ironed to always appear smart and stylish.
Once done wearing your clothes, keep them hanging and not just squeeze them into some empty bag or thrash them across the room.

6. Excessive use of Cologne

You must not spray an entire can of cologne to smell so good, be moderate in your use of this perfumes and cologne. As a rule of thumb, just limit your spray twice. Once on the wrist and the neck.

7. Bulging and Protruding Pockets

If your wallet houses quite a whole lot of important documents, it’s time to free them up, and get a more slimmer one that fits your dressing, without making it bulg out so obviously.

And yes, that does it for the common mistakes guys make. With this article and your discretion as a guide, your dress sense will always look smart and fashionable.

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