Step by Step Guide on How to Download Zenith Bank Mobile App

In today’s digitally driven world, accessing banking services on the go has become a necessity. With the Zenith Bank Mobile App, managing your finances has never been easier or more convenient.

This guide will take you through the straightforward process of downloading the Zenith Bank Mobile App, allowing you to bank anytime, anywhere with ease.

How to Download Zenith Bank Mobile App

Step 1: Visit Your Playstore or App Store

Begin by opening the playstore or app store on your device. Whether you use an Android device or an iOS device, the Zenith Bank Mobile App is readily available for download.

Step 2: Search for Zenith Bank Mobile App

Search for “Zenith Bank Mobile App”
Using the search function within the app store, type “Zenith Bank Mobile App” into the search bar. The official app developed by Zenith Bank PLC should appear among the top results.

Step 3: Tap “Download” or “Install”

Once you’ve located the Zenith Bank Mobile App, simply tap the “Download” button for Android devices or the “Install” button for iOS devices. The app is free to download, so there are no charges associated with this step.

Step 4: Install and Open the App

After the download is complete, the app will automatically install on your device. This process typically takes just a few moments. Once installed, tap on the app icon to open it.

Step 5: Log In or Register

If you’re already a Zenith Bank customer, log in using your existing internet banking credentials. For new customers, follow the prompts to register for internet banking within the app.

Step 6: Explore the Features

With the Zenith Bank Mobile App successfully downloaded, take some time to explore its features. From checking your account balance to transferring funds and paying bills, the app offers a range of convenient banking services at your fingertips.

Step 7: Enjoy Seamless Banking

Congratulations! You’ve successfully downloaded the Zenith Bank Mobile App and are now ready to enjoy seamless banking anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re at home, at work, or traveling, you can manage your finances with ease using the app.


Downloading the Zenith Bank Mobile App is a simple and straightforward process that opens up a world of convenience for banking customers. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly access a wide range of banking services directly from your mobile device.

Say goodbye to long queues and hello to hassle-free banking – download the Zenith Bank Mobile App today and take control of your finances with ease.

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